Facts Scare S#*t Out of You 2020 Desk Calendar


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You may think you’ve read some scary sh*t, but you haven’t seen anything yet! Packed with hundreds of unnerving, super strange facts, this calendar will terrify even the toughest crowd. From learning about the number of microscopic bacteria crawling in and on us every day (90 trillion!!) to meeting our frightening friends in the animal kingdom (like the horror frog which breaks its own bones to turn into makeshift claws), this gut-churning calendar is filled with trivia guaranteed to make you squirm every day of the year!Small but impactful, this desk calendar is perfect to brighten up even the smallest of spaces offering a pop of personality and quick monthly reference. Fresh, fun, and exceptionally stylish, this calendar features a built-in easel and is perfect for display on even the most space-challenged desktop, table, or bookshelf. Challenge yourself throughout the year or give this calendar as a gift to a friend. Popular calendar title! Enjoy a laugh everyday Printed on high-quality paper Features easy tear-off daily pages Includes all major and significant holidays Comes with built in easel display Give as a gift for any occasion Stay organized and on track all year Great for families, students, and professionals Perfect for the desk or tabletop Rave Reviews “Love this calendar it is so fun to read each day, lightens up the mood!” -Beltie About Simon & Schuster SIMON & SCHUSTER was founded in April 1924 when Richard L. Simon and M. Lincoln Schuster pooled their resources and published Simon & Schuster’s first book, The Crossword Puzzle Book, packaged with a pencil. What was a revolutionary idea at the time went on to become a runaway bestseller and a modern publishing company was launched. In its early years, Simon & Schuster achieved commercial success from such groundbreaking mega-sellers as Will and Ariel Durant’s The Story of Philosophy and Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Simon & Schuster, Inc. has since grown into a large publishing house with many divisions, but the Simon & Schuster trade imprint has remained as a cornerstone of the company and one of the most venerated brand names in the world of publishing. Many Simon & Schuster books have had pervasive cultural influence over decades. In 1974, Simon & Schuster published the landmark bestseller, All the President’s Men by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, and has continued to publish Bob Woodward’s books to this day. It has long maintained its reputation as a premier publisher of nonfiction and publishes scores of bestselling and critically acclaimed fiction writers. Why Calendars? Do you need some daily inspiration or just a good laugh to start your day? Start every day off fresh with one of the many 365 day desk calendars available. These charming day by day calendars are a great way to keep track of the date and eager to see what tomorrow holds. Whether you enjoy encouraging messages, learning a new language, snarky quotes, adorable animals, trivia, puzzles or Bible verses, there is a daily desk calendar for you. Decorate your office cubicle, kitchen counter, or any other spot where a box calendar will fit! The best way to start the day is with one of our many Page-a-Day Calendars or a stunning Gallery desk calendar available in many sizes and page formats. Tear off the page on an adhesive bound calendar or change to the next day with one of our many loose-leaf calendars. Save your favorite messages, comics, or images for later use. You can enjoy a new image or quote every day of the week! Calendars.com has a large selection that is sure to please everyone.